F.O.LD. is an artist-filmmaker collective who create experimental films and video installations using the automatism methods introduced by the 1920s surrealist pioneers – but with a contemporary edge. The F.O.L.D. collective was formed by Eddie Saint-Jean in July 2018 with members from the England, Ireland, US, Australia, Greece and South Africa.

FOLD5: Discotheque (2019) was created by artist-filmmakers Eddie Saint-Jean, Mark Sheeky and Taylor Schofield. A disco-themed video installation that features rejected, crumpled, littered DJ song request slips and explores the themes of DANCE & MUSIC & MEMORY. Also the death of disco and birth of other dance gatherings in contemporary culture.

Each filmmaker completed a 10-second section of the film using creative inspiration from movie clips completed and passed on by each filmmaker in turn. This is similar to how the 1920s Surrealists worked on their ‘fold’ drawings. Hence, the F.O.L.D name for the collective.

The video installation was exhibited at the Lighthouse Bar & Loft Club, Shoreditch, 4 July 2019

FOLD4: Kintsukuroi (2019)  This film installation was created by artist-filmmakers Taylor Schofield, Mark Sheekey, Candace Odil and Eddie Saint-Jean. Each filmmaker completed a 10-second section of the film by working from random movie stills sent by each filmmaker in turn. The Kintsukuroi name comes from the Japanese art of repairing broken porcelain. The fragmented look of the porcelain is still regarded as beautiful, in spite of and because of the fact you can see the points where the separate pieces have been sealed together again. The F.O.L.D. films have a similar aesthetic.

Prints from the film installation exhibited at the DCI Postcard Show, Eastbourne, UK Apr 4-28, 2019 and TEI Edinburgh, Scotland May 11-13, supporting Art in Healthcare in Scotland

FOLD2: Naissance (2018) was exhibited at the Chelsea Gallery, Kings Rd, London in Nov 2018. and premiered on the ArtSwarm Experimental Art TV show (Nov 9). Also broadcast on Californian experimental TV show HCE! TV (Episode 8). The participating artists-filmmakers on this film were Eddie Saint-Jean and Taylor Schofield.

F.OL.D2: Naissance – Eddie Saint-Jean and Taylor Schofield