Eddie Saint-Jean is an accomplished, award-winning filmmaker who wrote and directed Blackout (2019) through his affiliated production company Slipstream Productions . This suspenseful, cinematic thriller-horror includes thematic ‘Unheimlich’ (Unhomely) elements which came from Saint-Jean’s awareness of Freudian theories of the ‘Uncanny’ or ‘Unhomely’ in contemporary visual theory in art and film.

Written and directed by Eddie Saint-Jean
Starring Annie Burkin, Robert Walters, Tony Collins

ART & FILM: Eddie Saint-Jean is also a member of artist-filmmaker collective F.O.L.D. who create experimental films using the methods of the 1920s surrealist pioneers. The F.O.L.D. collective was formed by Eddie Saint-Jean in July 2018 with members from the England, Ireland, US, Australia, Greece and South Africa.

Their film installation project FOLD3: Naissance (2018) was exhibited at the Chelsea Gallery, Kings Rd, London in Nov 2018. The most recent film installation project is FOLD4: Kintsukuroi (2019).

Prints from the film installation exhibited at the DCI Postcard Show, Eastbourne, UK Apr 4-28, 2019 and TEI Edinburgh, Scotland May 11-13



Pivotal to Eddie Saint-Jean’s journey as a filmmaker was his 2008 short film A Letter to Rothko (above) with experimental and surrealist elements that earned him a writer-director award from Tri-Boroughs/New Pathways.