INTERVIEW – Hurricane Strap Inventor Augustine St.Jean

Where low pressure forms around warm ocean currents in the Caribbean and South Atlantic, tropical waves can soon become full-blown hurricanes. 58-year-old construction worker Augustine St.Jean was born in Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean and has used his technical skills to invent a strap that helps keep galvanized steel and iron roofing secured to homesContinue reading “INTERVIEW – Hurricane Strap Inventor Augustine St.Jean”

Othello De Souza-Hartley: Cataloguing Emotions

This solo show by Othello De Souza-Hartley is notable amongst the Covid 19 era London exhibitions because of the body and architecture connection, poignant at a time when there is heightened focus on the relationship between the self and the confining surrounds of our homes. However, De Souza’s work utilises concepts he had developed wellContinue reading “Othello De Souza-Hartley: Cataloguing Emotions”

EXHIBITION – Denise Wyllie, National Original Print Exhibition

DENISE WYLLIE Attends National Original Print Exhibition Denise Wyllie’s ‘Cuthbert All Souls’ screenprint was amongst the selected works exhibited at the National Original Print Exhibition 18-29 September 2019, which is now in its 6th year. A judging panel from the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers selected 227 prints from the thousands of submissions and sought aContinue reading “EXHIBITION – Denise Wyllie, National Original Print Exhibition”