Eddie Saint-Jean – visual artist, photographer, filmmaker

Eddie Saint-Jean is an artist working in moving image and photography.

His work is influenced by Freudian theories of the Uncanny (Unheimlich) which refers to how familiar, everyday items and subjects have unhomely, eerie or uncanny elements. Cinematic cultural references often appear in his work.

Current Projects

‘Vertigo’ – video installation

Eddie Saint-Jean went to the top floor of an East End rooftop car park and reworked the disorientating push pull zoom first used in Hitchcock’s Vertigo. The original zoom gets lost in his new interpretation – which is an exploration of uncanny urban environments through his gaze

The red and green colours in the video installation reference the unusual palette used in the original movie.

Exhibitions And Awards

EXHIBITION – ‘Facade’ Hackney Downs Studio, London (April 2021)

Vertigo, a 1958 movie by Alfred Hitchcock is considered a classic also ‘possibly’ the first movie to be considered art. The artist has now taken the next step in turning this movie into art. He went to an East End car park rooftop to recreate and rework the Vertigo Effect which is a disorientating zoom effect used in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 movie. 

The red and green colours represent the same thematic colours used in Hitchcock’s film. His video installation was shown at this group show at Hackney Downs Studio.

EXHIBITION – Space In Between, Gallery 54, Mayfair, London. (April 2021)

This group show organised by TAOI (The Art Of Isolation) sought work which responded to the theme of ‘ The Space In Between’. It was also the April anniversary of film director Alfred Hitchcock’s death, so I produced VERTIGO a series of works in photography and video art. The disorientating zoom used in the original movie is reshot in an East End rooftop carpark with striking commentaries on perspective and uncanny urban environments.

EXHIBITION – IAVOPO 1st International Video Art Festival, Feb 2021

Blackout Uncanny – video installation

The ‘Blackout Uncanny’ video installation was selected for the 2021 IAVPOA 1st International Video Art Festival. It features clips from Eddie Saint-Jean’s Uncanny-influenced feature film Blackout (2020) projected onto a bathroom shower curtain in an experimental homage to the Hitchcock film Psycho.

EXHIBITION – From Portray To Portrait, Rooftop Arts Centre, Corby, UK (Feb 2021)
Saint-Jean’s photographic work A Feast Of Friends (below) was selected for this group show.

A Feast Of Friends

EXHIBITION – Affinity Exhibition, Pepney Gallery, Cavan, Ireland. (Jan 2021)
Saint-Jean’s photographic work A Feast Of Friends (above) was selected for this New Year exhibition. The judging panel felt the artwork was ‘striking, original and fits the exhibition theme very well’. The show was online/virtual because of UK Covid restrictions.

EXHIBITIONGallery 54, Mayfair, London (Jan 2021)
Saint-Jean’s photographic work A Feast Of Friends was included in this New Year group show organised by the TAIO Collective. It celebrated Rebirth and New Beginnings in the New Year. Earmarked for Jan 17-24 at The Gallery 54, Mayfair, it ran as a virtual exhibition from Jan 21 because of the uncertainty around Covid 19 restrictions.

AWARD-WINNING FINALIST – Florence Contemporary Gallery, Florence, Italy (Dec 2020)
Saint-Jean’s photographic work Uncanny2 was pre-selected as a finalist in a competition run by the gallery.


EXHIBITION – Candid Gallery Christmas Show, Islington, London, UK (Dec 2020)
Saint-Jean’s photographic work Uncanny2 (above).selected for Candid’s in-gallery Christmas show.

EXHIBITION – Metamorphosis Exhibition, Hackney Downs, London, UK (Dec 2020)
Saint-Jean’s photographic work Uncanny2 (above) selected for virtual exhibition Dec 11-20.

EXHIBITION – The Art Of Isolation, Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London, UK. (Nov 2020)
Saint-Jean’s photographic work Uncanny2 (above) selected for this in-gallery exhibition which sought creative responses to the restricting and isolating conditions of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Art Of Isolation Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London


Haus-a-Rest Magazine the ‘Uncanny’ issue features art influenced by Sigmund Freud’s Uncanny. Eddie Saint-Jean is one of the artists featured and is also included in their Uncanny-themed exhibition

Art Hole Magazine feature article on Eddie Saint-Jean’s influences and the concept of the Uncanny

What’s Hot London? Magazine article on Eddie Saint-Jean’s exhibition at The Espacio Gallery and the new normal for artists

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