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Denise Ballard-Wyllie


London-based painter-printmaker Denise Ballard-Wyllie has just returned from a successful solo show in New Delhi, India Denise Wyllie: Secret Gardens. And the Secret Garden series continues. She has three handmade prints with this title in the Mini Picture Show, at the Bankside Gallery, London which runs 9 Dec 2022 – 29 .Jan 2023. Her work is in the collection of several international museums including the V&A and attracted Saatchi buyers at a Royal Academy Show. This upcoming exhibition offers the opportunity to acquire original Ballard-Wyllie works and other small-scale works by artists from the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (RE). Denise is an associate member of the RE.

In this Atelier interview she talks about life in the studio and what to expect at the Mini Picture Show.


London Print Studios in West London was very formative in my creative output in that it offered a well-equipped environment where I could feel at one with the printmaking community and at the same time just focus on my work. The space was tidy and well-equipped and the studio manager was fantastic – an expert in lots of processes. I was sometimes going three times a week and tried to do full days, from as soon as it opened till closing time.”

“The space was not so big that it felt like a factory. The screenprinting area was a reasonable size with three screen beds and an area for lithography and etching etc. I met a variety of printmakers who employed different processes and you could, if you wished to, say hello and see what other people were making. Unfortunately, the print studios closed permanently during the economic uncertainty of the Covid pandemic.”


My studio now is at home. I have a studio in my garden where I paint and a screen bed in my living room for screenprinting. My relief printing also takes place in the living room. My whole house is now a studio!”

“The prints that will be on show at the Mini Picture Show, Bankside Gallery evolved over the past year as I experimented with different colours, processes and materials. I ventured away from my usual screenprinting process and was much more experimental. The work was completed on Japanese silk thread paper.”


Secret Garden 6 – edition 1/1


Secret Garden 3 Night Forest – edition 1/4)


Secret Garden 4 – edition 1/1.


Framed prints £270. Unframed prints (Secret Garden 3) £180.

All framed prints are 44 x 50cm. The image sizes are 19.5 x 30cm.

Further information on prints.

Further information on the Mini Picture Show

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