EXHIBITION – Vertigo: The Black Gaze

Vertigo, a 1958 movie by Alfred Hitchcock is considered a classic but did you know it’s the first movie to be considered art? Artist and filmmaker Eddie Saint-Jean has now taken the next step in turning this movie into art.

He went to an East End rooftop car park to recreate and rework the Vertigo Effect which is a disorientating zoom effect used in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie. 

His video installation and photography reworks this zoom in a way Hitchcock could never have imagined and you will never see Stratford Shopping Centre rooftop carpark presented quite like this.

The red and green colours represent the same thematic colours used in Hitchcock’s film. 

His Vertigo-inspired photography was on show at the Space In Between exhibition at Gallery 54, Mayfair, London from April 12-18 and again online after April 18.

Eddie Saint-Jean attends the opening of the Space In Between exhibition, Gallery 54, Mayfair
The Space In Between exhibition, Mayfair, London

Also, Eddie Saint-Jean’s Vertigo video installation on show at the Facade exhibition in Lower Clapton, Hackney, April 24-28, 2021 (below).