INTERVIEW – Depression In Christ author Norah Edgar

UK author Norah Edgar’s first book Depression In Christ is inspired by her own experiences with depression and her religious faith, which provided invaluable support during troubled periods of her life. In this interview she talks about her journey to become a first-time author and the importance of Christ in her life.

What inspired you to write your book Depression In Christ?

The inspiration came from my own personal experience with depression. God guided me to write the book, in order to encourage and motivate anyone who is going through or has been through depression. My aim is to eliminate the taboo of depression within the church, as well as in society. I definitely believe that there is no test without a testimony.

How did your religious beliefs help you in your time of need and in writing the book?

My faith and trust in God is definitely the ultimate reason that enabled me to get through and overcome depression and write the book. I had to get to a place where I allowed myself to look to the magnitude of God and not to the magnitude of my circumstances. I did this by praying to God, worshiping God, meditating on The Word Of God and singing or playing my favourite gospel music, while allowing God to be God.

Did you have any previous experience as a writer? And if not, how did you overcome the challenge of becoming a first time author?

I have no experience as a writer and this is how I know that God was definitely in the midst, when it came to writing the book. In order for me to overcome some of the challenges that I came across, I attended several different book seminars. This enabled me to create a good structure for the book and gave me a greater understanding of the direction I needed to take in order to become an author.

How long did it take to complete Depression In Christ and how did you, schedule it alongside other demands in your life?

I started writing the book in 2016. Due to fear, self-doubt and procrastination, it was put on the back burner and I tried to talk myself out of it. Over the years, I would go back to it and write a little more, but last year I realised I had to be obedient to God and that the book was not about me, but giving hope to those who are depressed or have been through depression. I never really stuck to any particular structure, but tried to put in at least an hour when I could, mostly in the mornings. Most of my writing was done at the weekends and my days off, due to my work schedule. 

Do you plan on writing a second book? Are you a full-time author now?

I definitely plan on writing a second book, in fact I have a few on the horizon. So watch this space. I am not a full-time author at the moment but it is something that I will consider when I retire.

Depression in Christ: God Is In Control by Norah Edgar now available on Amazon

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