DENISE WYLLIE – The Masters: Relief Exhibition 2019

DENISE WYLLIE’S ‘Being Together: Estandos Junto’ woodcut selected for the Masters: Relief Exhibition, Bankside Gallery

Denise Wyllie with ‘Being Together: Estandos Junto’ woodcut

North London-based artist Denise Wyllie is an established printmaker and this is her third time at the prestigious Masters. Her distinctive wood cuts, wood engravings and linocuts made the selection at previous events and Being Together: Estandos Junto (63 x 45cm) is her featured work at this year’s exhibition.

The title in two languages represents how the two people featured in the work think differently. The Being Together print series covers the complexity of the relationship and the void between them. The viewer’s perspective will determine the work’s focus but Denise maintains the female figure is the true subject here.

Denise says: “It is the woman’s haunting expression that fascinates me. She seems to fluctuate from a look of bold defiance, to reticence and sadness. The guy in the foreground looks away leaving the viewer to speculate.

The process of making this relief print is wood-cut. I’ve employed expressively cut gouges into the wood to convey a raw energy and mood. This has not disrupted the subtlety of light and tone that describes the space between the figures, the undulating folds of the leather jacket and structure of their intertwined fingers.

Denise Ballard Wyllie printing Being Together 1

The Masters: Relief Exhibition was open to artists working in woodcuts, metalcuts, wood engraving, linocut, relief etching and block press. It invited submissions from artists all over the world with no restriction on subject matter or process within the eligible relief print forms.

The prizes awarded at the private view November 12th included the Printmaking Today Prize, the Society of Wood Engravers Prize, the Earnes Fine Art Purchase Prize, the Intaglio Printmaker Prize, the John Purcell Paper Award, the Lawrence Art Supplies Prize, the Ravi Engineering Works Collection Prize and the Great Art Prize.

The Masters: Relief Bankside Gallery, Thames Riverside, 48 Hopton Street, London SE1 9JH. Open 11am – 6pm.