Blackout Movie Selected for Straightjacket Guerilla Film Festival 2019

Blackout (2019) a feature-length horror-chiller written and directed by Eddie Saint-Jean has official selection for the Straightjacket Guerilla Film Festival 2019. This British movie uses the council house waiting list as the focus for urban horror.

Sounds pretty familiar, because a lot of Londoners have experienced the dreaded housing list once they are old enough to spread their wings and leave their parents’ home. But all is not quite what you expect. The director uses unnerving ‘Unheimlich’ (Unhomely) elements to unsettle horror audiences with subtle cinematography.


Film synopsis: A soon-to-be-married couple on a council housing waiting list for almost a decade finally get the keys to a dream flat and with that added feeling of security now consider settling down. But they are not told about the house’s disturbing history. After an unexpected electricity blackout, some peculiar household occurrences have them fearing for their lives as escalating events spiral into a surreal nightmare.

The Straightjacket Guerilla Film Festival has a preference for mind-expanding, surrealist movies and prides itself on the unusual and avante-garde so is a perfect fit for the Freud-influenced horror Blackout, which has ‘uncanny’ elements. Unsure about the Uncanny? Read the Tate Art description below.

Blackout Movie (2019)

THE UNCANNY – A concept in art associated with psychologist Sigmund Freud which describes a strange and anxious feeling sometimes created by familiar objects in unfamilar contexts Tate Art Terms