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Also, LONDON BOOKS on the capital’s art, culture and heritage. Historic chuches and palaces, London’s oldest pubs, railway history, Saxon, Norman, Gothic, Tudor, Georgian, Victorian architecture.


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Interview With Painter-Printmaker Denise Ballard-Wyllie

_______________________________ ATELIER presents: Artists In The Studio Be the first to see and own original works! _______________________________ Artist To Watch Out For In January 2023 Denise Ballard-Wyllie Background London-based painter-printmaker Denise Ballard-Wyllie has just returned from a successful solo show in New Delhi, India Denise Wyllie: Secret Gardens. And the Secret Garden series continues. She…

3 Indian Artists To Watch Out For In The Post-Pandemic Resurgence of the Art Sector

Eddie Saint-Jean – Arts & Culture The pandemic sent shockwaves throughout the art world, disrupting market behaviour and shaking up the creative routines of both established names and new talent. Although innovative digital offerings such as NFTs increased in popularity and value, the wider cultural and creative landscape dipped significantly and research shows the sector…

Denise Wyllie’s Secret Gardens Exhibition – Interview With Curator Divya Mittal

The quintessential English garden makes its way to India by way of London-based painter-printmaker Denise Wyllie. Her work refashions the globally-held representation of British landscapes and, certainly, caught the eye of curator Divya Mittal who brings an exhibition of Denise’s canvases and handmade silkscreen prints to the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on November 6.…


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